Download for free all the rules needed to get a game going. The best thing about mantic games is that you can use what ever models you have available. For Kings of War you can even use the cut out template provided here. Just cut out the movement trays and use them on the board. It don’t look to flash but it will give you an idea on how the army works before you buy.

The Catalogue has the complete Infinity range. It is taking me forever to get it listed on the site the way I want it. So this is my work around so every one can see what a truly awesome range of miniatures it is.

Catalogue As at 5 March 12

To order miniatures from the catalogue you just need to send me an email at list what you want and I will get it for you no problem. Remember people that live within Newcastle Hunter region, I will deliver to your home or you can arrange a pick up.

Infinity (Sci-Fi) small skirmish 

Infinity has been around for a while and it has some of the best miniatures going around hands down. We are very excited to have this game on board. The downloads provided are the full rule set.  The Core Rule Book and Human Sphere (this book you buy second) provide the background and awesome art that is the infinity world.

Quick Start Rules

Core Rules

Core Army Lists

Human Sphere

Human Square Army Lists

Quick Reference guide

Templates and Markers

Free Army Builder tool. This is a must for any Infinity player. You must first download Adobe Air then the army builder.

Adobe Air

Infinity Army Builder by Devil Team


Kings of War (Fantasy)

Rules Current

Rules Chinese




Abyssal Dwarfs


Abyssal Kin



Unofficial Fan Lists
Mantic encourage fans to make lists and play test them. Thats how the goblin list was created. So these list can be used in Kings of War and if you find anything to overpowered let us know and we can get it changed.

Ratmen (Skaven) 

Abyssal Warriors (WOC)

Kings of War (Historical)

This is a fan based web site that allows you to use the KOW version 2 rules with historical armies. I have used them and they are simply the best set of rules I have used for Historical yet. Be warned if your hard core history nut you may be disappointed but if your like me and just want to have a game this set of rules is ace.

Historical KOW

Romans are in. We have the Legionaries and the brave Auxiliaries

Warpath (Si-Fi) This will be updated very soon.

WP Rules Beta 2

Forge Fathers

Marauders (Orcs in Space)


Updated lists. Don’t forget if you have GW Marines you can use them as Forge Fathers.

Unofficial Fan Lists
Mantic encourage fans to make lists and play test them. You can give feed back on the warseer/mantic forum

Swam (Tyranids)

Shell of Souls (Necrons)