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Awesome club time

New site new year

Welcome to the new home of Newcastle Legion.

I have been meaning to build this site for past 4 years. My vision is to have place where all the people of Legion can get access to information on what’s happening in our Hobby.

So whats new?

Well we have a shop front for one. For those that have ever tried to organize T-shirts and such for a club know its a pain in the backside. So to get around having to get pre-orders collect cash post it out or arrange pick ups I have outsourced the lot. Redbubble have a massive range of goods for you to get even some variants of the red shirt! You buy it from them they ship it out and handel all the logistics. The Club makes a small profit and everyone is a winner.

Stuff we rate. This section is dedicated to finding tose gems on the web that make our hobby so much easier. At times its a bit never raking ordering stuff on ebay and especially china. Well we have taken out some of the risk by ordering this stuff and testing it first. If you have any other products you want me to add drop me a line.

Tournaments. Here you can buy your tickets for any Legion event. I have put alot of work into this to cater for the complex needs of running this club. All transactions are done through Bank Transfer and the ticket is released when you fill out the form. Some of you may think why not use paypal etc. Well the short of it they always take their cut, this way I can have multiple Bank Accounts for different TO’s that are running small events in the club. It was a lot of work and I’m still working through the automation.

Events. This is a feed from our Facebook page that compiles all the events posted in Legion. This is not just Legion events but any event posted. So you will have one place where you can see whats going on.

Still to come will be to allow members to contribute to the page without having to access the back end. This will allow us to run some really cool interactive campaigns and slow grows. I have been asked by some members to add a forum to the site. This is a alot of work! I am looking at all the options though.

Instagram! #newcastlelegion is a thing now. Tag all your hobby awesome and it will be displayed on the front page! sweet!!